memeher mehreteab assefa gives the best speech on the final ceremony


Powerful chiefs make open doors for laborers and groups to perform well and like it simultaneously. To have the option to do this, the supervisor must be acceptable at the fundamental parts of the executives which incorporate arranging, sorting out, driving and controlling the utilization of the organization's assets. 


Here follows initial a short depiction of the four parts of the executives. Arranging is the way toward setting execution goals and distinguishing the activities expected to achieve them. Getting sorted out is the way toward splitting the work to be done and facilitate the outcomes to accomplish the targets. 


Driving includes coordinating and organizing the endeavors of the laborers to assist them with achieving their undertakings, while controlling is checking execution, contrasting outcomes with the goals set before and making remedial move if so required. The administration procedure and these four capacities, characterized above, can apply in all work settings and offer a valuable structure for directors. It helps the chief discovering what the fundamental obligations are in doing their activity, for example being the director. 


Let us presently observe what numerous chiefs experience during an average working day, perhaps additionally here in Ethiopia. In his book "The Nature of Managerial Work" Henry Mintzberg watches the accompanying: "There was no break in the pace of action during available time. The mail, phone assembles and conferences represented pretty much consistently from the minute these administrators entered their workplaces toward the beginning of the day until they withdrew in the nighttimes.

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