Video of Aboye coming out of the well released


With their military devastated and their last, best soldiers cleared out in one morning on the edges of their capital Merely the last leftovers of the authority of Ethiopia's PLF system had to withdraw to the mystery Hagarasalam underground fortifications close to the capital. Worked by the famously jumpy and apprehensive PLF guardian Miles Denali, the Hagarasalam shelters were the jolt opening of frankness, a spot to stow away through various challenges of fighting in wellbeing. No architect that aided form this mystery underground fortification framework lived to recount the story. 


At the point when their foes, the Ethiopian armed force, encircled them there the PLF mafia capos got away through a mystery 300 meter long passage and in a real sense set out toward the slopes, the closest mountainside, to cover up. They separated into two gatherings and attempted to discover what protect they could. Old, fat and work area headed for as far back as 30 years, they're battling fit days of the 1980s guerrilla war were a distant memory. Without admittance to food or water it wouldn't have been long until their dance was up. 


They were immediately spotted, encompassed and offered a protected acquiescence which they rejected over and over. At that point the surge began, first weighty big guns barrage, at that point worked over again by helicopter gunships.

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