Command Post Documentary on TPLF


"The PLF had controlled Ethiopia from the above mentioned, and its business foundations and the new wealth had managed from the beneath making ethnically separated frail state organization," said Bethe. 


He called attention to that PLF's dictatorship, political and financial control had set off an insubordination by the Oromo and Adhara individuals from the ERDF alliance. 


''The resistance brought about the arrangement of Abiy Ahmed as a head administrator of Ethiopia in 2018 and denoted the start of the last fall of PLF,'' Bethe said. 


The PLF withdrew to Ti gray ardently contradicting Ahmed's reformist plan. 


Wrong suspicions 


As per Bethe, PLF dispatched what it named as ''a helping assault' 'on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian armed force on Nov. 4, meaning to restore its control over the government. 


''They [PLF] overestimated their military strength and disparaged the government armed force,'' he said. 


They likewise imagined that individuals of Ti gray would uphold them. The entire supposition turned out badly, thus, bringing about the TPF to lose the war, Bethe added. 


"My old companions withdrew to a zone where we started the equipped disobedience to the then military system, "said the old commandant

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