"Structural Attack in Shewa Robit'' Amhara regional state


The seven holy observances Penance, absolution, unction of the debilitated, affirmation, blessed requests, sacred fellowship and marriage are important in the instructing of the Ethiopia Orthodox Church. 


Likewise, the Ethiopian Church lectures the five mainstays of Mysteries where the congregation is solidly grounded. These are the Mystery of the Trinity, Incarnation, Baptism, Holy Communion, and the Mystery of the Resurrection. These Mysteries are considered by the Church as essential information for all and each Christian should comprehend these. Fasting is carefully complied by completely absolved individuals from the congregation who are seven or more. During loaned; any meat and items creatures are taboo. 


In addition, all Christians should keep the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses from God and the six illustrations of the new confirmation in Matt. 25:35-36, to acquire endless life in paradise. In the brilliant second happening to Jesus Christ, the dead will be raised and delinquents will get discipline as indicated by their transgression. In this way, everybody is liable for his/her own submitted offense. 


As altogether Oriental Orthodox Churches, the Ethiopia Orthodox Church grounded on the Apostle's experience of Jesus Christ who is Creator and Savior of the World. 


The three committees of the chamber of Nicaea on 325A. D, the gathering of Constantinople 381A. D, and Cepheus 431A. D which admitted the Son of God and denounced Arius' equation are completely been acknowledged by the Ethiopia Orthodox Church, however the Ethiopia Orthodox Church denies the Council of Chalcedony at 451A. D directed by Pope Leo I which lectures the recipe of the "two qualities" against that of "one nature". 


The Ethiopia Orthodox Church increases that all with respect to Jesus Christ ought to be identified with his whole individual as one God. Not to single out the "Human instinct" as exposed to hunger, energy, enduring, and so on, Properties weird to the human are alluded to his Divine forces as God shed blood, God was killed, God passed on, and God was ascended for the saving, everything being equal.

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