What is new in Addis Abeba


Sadly because of quick populace development in the Nile River Basin, the quick urbanization and industrialization, just as the rising an Earth-wide temperature boost made water a scant item not exclusively to the bowl nations however over the globe. Evidently this inadequacy covered hydrological condition is anticipated to ascend in the years to come except if appropriate moderation is executed. Consequently, during a period of water pressure it wouldn't be a shock to watch nations scramble to deal with their trans boundary water assets in a reasonable and supportable way. Dealing with their assets in accordance with shared obligation is completely vital to acknowledge harmony, soundness and improvement inside state level and past. 


It is out of this firm conviction that Ethiopia has its center set with similar nations to utilize trans boundary assets, any semblance of Nile River as a wellspring of certifiable collaboration and association among governments and individuals in the bowl. Ethiopia has indeed reaffirmed its longstanding political responsibility to proceed with a success win approach for shared thriving and defeating neediness.

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