Security measures to be taken before opening the internet


Ethiopia has announced a highly sensitive situation enactment as a feature of its avoidance procedure against the spread of Coronavirus in the nation. 


The enactment gave more force for specialists at various degrees of government to take estimates they regard valuable to forestall the spread of Coronavirus. 


Addis Ababa City transport expert on Wednesday unveiled that it has tagged in excess of 1000 vehicles since the crisis measures were presented. The City has gathered more than 5 million birr from it, as detailed by Deutsche Welle Amharic assistance which refered to Commander Ahmed Mohammed – CEO of the position. 


In mid-April 2020, the City organization acquainted a guideline with confine driving when it concocted a calendar during which occupants are permitted to drive. It implies inhabitants are not permitted to drive outside of the assigned day. 


In view of the course of action, drivers whose tag numbers finishing with a significantly number and an odd number were to drive on various dates. 


The pace of Coronavirus disease in Ethiopia outperformed more than 700 this week. Well more than 60 percent of the contamination is in the capital Addis Ababa.

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