Unique behavior of Ethiopia leaders


TPLF said the choice on Eritrea was in a general sense couple with the standards of harmony the Ethiopian government was seeking after throughout the previous 18 years and all things considered TPLF's official board of trustees considers the choice "proper and auspicious" and that its usage ought to be painstakingly executed thinking about neighboring geopolitical substances. It likewise swore to help, alongside EPRDF, veterans and their families who have paid a definitive scarifies in keeping up Ethiopia's power during the war. 


In a similar vein, in regard to the choice to change entire or halfway stakes in state claimed ventures, the announcement said TPLF acknowledged the choice as it is auspicious and pair with the gathering's previous choice however condemned the choice saying it was a convenient solution as opposed to a perpetual answer for recuperate the nation's feeble economy. All things considered, the announcement said cautious thought ought to be given to its execution.

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