Interesting moment with Dr. Arsedo Lendebo


NEBE today reported giving impermanent enrollment endorsement for four ideological groups including Balderas for Genuine Democracy. 


Calderas was at first propelled as an urban culture to defend the political and financial privileges of occupants of the capital Addis Ababa from 'uncommon advantage' cases of the encompassing Aroma Region over the City. 


Mr. Es kinder was condemned for a long time in jail until the reformist Prime Minister Abby Ahmed came to control and reported arrival of every single political detainee in the nation. 


It is reviewed that the decision alliance (the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front), which as of late rebranded itself as Ethiopia Prosperity Party, has nearly lost all the parliament situates in Addis Ababa City Council general political decision during the grisly 2005 political race, which guarantees around 200 lives.

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