Yewendoch Guday 1 Ethiopian Romantic Comedy Film


Mustafa Muhumed Omer started requesting equity after his uncle vanished and proceeded in spite of dangers to his mom and sister, and the torment and demise of his sibling. 


Presently responsible for the rambling Ethiopian Somali district, the previous lobbyist and help specialist has seven months before individuals vote on his changes to a framework where extrajudicial killings were overflowing. 


Specialists this month set Aug. 16 as the date for Ethiopia's milestone races. Head administrator Abiy Ahmed guaranteed free and reasonable surveys when he took power in April 2018, and more extensive change following quite a while of destructive political savagery. 


The vote will be a litmus trial of whether Abiy has prevailed upon a populace damaged by many years of restraint and continuous ethnic and political carnage. Up until now, Abiy has directed the arrival of political detainees and lifted a restriction on political rivals. 


He has additionally designated a few previous dissenters to ground-breaking positions, including Mustafa, 46, whom he made leader of the eastern Somali locale in August 2018. 


With stewing ethnic hardship compelling millions from their homes across Ethiopia notwithstanding Abiy's means, Mustafa realizes his activity isn't finished.

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