ETHIOPIAN REPORTER TV | Amharic News 11/21/2020


Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Ann Linde talked via telephone on Thursday with respect to the status of the law authorization activity in progress in Tigray. 


During the event, Demeke tended to Ann Linde's interests over the potential outcomes of exchange between the government of Ethiopia and the TPLF [Junta], correspondence and force supplies in the area, and helpful works to the dislodged and weak individuals because of the activity. 


He featured how the government went excessively far in mitigating relations with the TPLF junta since the reformist Prime Minister expected force. 


The public authority gave adequate opportunities to TPLF [Junta] to effectively partake in the recently organized political regulation in which the junta adamantly would not participate, Demeke added. 


"Expelled from power, the junta got itself caught up with planning vicious activities through financing, coordinating, and conveying radical gatherings in each edge of the nation," he said. 


The TPLF junta likewise challenged the sacred request by directing decisions past its order, he added. 


The assault on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces by the TPLF faction was the issue that is finally too much to bear that constrained the public authority to make quick moves against the junta, Demeke expressed. 


The Deputy Prime Minister underscored that Ethiopia acknowledges the global network for encouraging the different sides to arrange. Yet, he stated, the public authority isn't intrigued to haggle with hoodlums, and it has set out to deal with the TPLF junta and reestablish the sacred request through the progressing activity. 


The public authority of Ethiopia is working with worldwide offices to give helpful help to dislodged individuals and weak ones in the district, notwithstanding reestablishing correspondence and banking administrations which were at first upset by the activities of the junta, he said. 


During their discussion, Demeke said Ethiopia joins high significance to its long-standing relations with Sweden. 


He acknowledged Sweden for keeping up huge improvement participation help to Ethiopia and praised its help to the progressing change programs in Ethiopia.

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