The where about of Debretsion is in question


What do these three things share practically speaking: an old infant shoe, a cow horn and a PC screen? All things considered, they all have been utilized to make an inventive nursery workmanship in one of the failed to remember corners of the capital. 


Situated on a tight pathway along Ethio-China Street running from Wello-Sefer to Gotera, an irregular road workmanship is on the showcase the entire year around. Unusual and eccentric things are shown across an old fence, each containing plants of various sizes and tones. Consistently, the individuals passing by stop to take a gander at the articles, and take pictures. "Look!" youngsters pull at their folks as they pass by to go all through the close by schools. Youthful or old, individuals passing by unexpectedly will undoubtedly appreciate the innovative nursery craftsmanship. 


Furthermore, for the individuals who have the opportunity to wait for some time, Mesfin Nedaga, gladly shows his collectibles. The enthusiasm to gather old things and plant blossoms flows through the veins of this creative grounds-keeper. His vertical nursery contains an uncommon assortment of repurposed objects. Shoes, sacks, pipes, cigarette packs, sound systems, egg shells, TV sets, caps, and tires. 


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