Action against the TPLF is the beginning of the end


For some, Ethiopians, Jamar is obviously known to be a revolutionary Oromo patriot, And the hypothesis is that he is expecting to radicalize Moreira Guinea's ethnic gathering. Individuals with this view appear to accept that Jamar is obviously getting the gathering together with the aspiration of competing for initiative. 


Still some will in general feel that likely Professor Marry Guinea is losing ground in the gathering that he established since numerous ethnic Oromo legislators, including Berkeley ERBA who served the OF as a secretary, are radicalizing. 


For what reason did Jamar quit from taking enrollment in Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – which is accepted to be the most extreme ethnic patriot party, with irredentist cases of grounds in Adhara area of Ethiopia and the country's capital Addis Ababa itself, that has been around for well more than forty years now? There has been talk in online media that OLF administration isn't happy with him.

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