Pastor Chere


Furthermore, not at all like numerous different Christians, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church accepts that Jesus Christ has one nature that is exclusively heavenly, rather than two that are both heavenly and human. Amare Bogale is an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian who has lived in the Holy Land for roughly five years.


For what reason is the Ethiopian Bible unique?

Dissimilar to the King James Bible, which contains 66 books, the Ethiopic Bible involves a sum of 84 books and incorporates a few works that were dismissed or lost by other Churches. This composition, in any case, just holds back the four good news accounts and the initial eight books of the Old Testament.


Which witness of Jesus went to Ethiopia?

Holy person Frumentius, Amharic Abba Salama, (thrived fourth century; feast day October 27 in the Roman Catholic Church; November 30 in Eastern Orthodox houses of worship; December eighteenth in the Coptic Church), Syrian missionary who attempted to spread Christianity all through Ethiopia.

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