Motivational speech by Dr. Abiy Ahmed


Ethiopia has a special qualification known to mankind for engaging those that were impaired, for adapting those that were dehumanized, spiritualizing those that were denied their entitlement to adore God and rousing and fortifying those persecuted to oppose abuse" 


Today is the 123 Ada Great African Victory Day. We are commending the Great Ada African Victory in Johannesburg in South Africa on March 2, 2019. The authority of Taste Menelik is perceived and recognized all-inclusive. For reasons unknown in Ethiopia, there is as yet an impression of Taste Menelik with ethnic condemnations and focal points. Ethiopians must recognize whatever botches Ate Menelik may have made, he is the best chief Africa at any point had. It is time all Africans who really perceive through the authority Taste Menelik given that Africa found the all-inclusive perceived miracle of African answers for the issues forced on Africa by imperialism. It is after the incomparable Victory of Ada the Second Ethiopia Manifesto was propelled universally. Ethiopia earned the name to be the home for all non-European people group. It turned into the profound country of all the mistreated individuals for Africa as well as for the entire world.

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