finally Egypt agreed


When you think about the Nile, what rings a bell? Egyptian cotton, Baby Moses in a bassinet, holding up among the reeds to be found and brought into the Pharaoh's royal residence, a Nile journey along the riverbanks? An old and current domain? These things may strike a chord in the event that you are perched on your love seat some place in the west perusing this. The water for the Ethiopian dam originates from the headwaters of the Nile where it is known as the Blue Nile River, and Egypt may lose half of its Delta or half of arable homesteads as the dam water fills. 


On the off chance that you are an Egyptian the Mighty Nile is your life force. It is your life and conceivably your destruction. On the off chance that 80 percent of your stream will be lost, this will explain disaster for Egyptian life as you most likely are aware it. Who possesses powerful streams? Can a country out of nowhere dam one without thought of who is downstream? These are issues that Israel, Jordan and Syria have looked for millennial, on the Jordan River, a small stream to think about, however relentless in its own specific manner.

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