Ministry of Revenues of Ethiopia on Excess tax


It involves verifiable record that the Ada triumph flagged the start of the finish of the Scramble for Africa. This triumph comprises a significant part in the record of African opposition and freedom. It furnished ages of Africans with the certainty of triumph to take part in obstruction and freedom. It stood out similar to the Caribbean and the Americas, also South Africa, where those engaged with the Ethiopian ism development chose to join legitimately the skirmish of Ada in 1896. In South Africa we praised the 120 years of the Great Ada Africa Victory with previous President and current chancellor of UNIMA gave a ground-breaking and information rich profoundly motivating keynote address. At the point when we commended the 120 years of the Great Ada African triumph, we consolidated it with the 6thAfrica Unity for Renaissance Conference to open the chance to associate all the freedom battles with the present call to satisfy African solidarity and Renaissance today. We opened with various accomplices that incorporated the DST, NRF Lisa, Mali, Up and TUT and others to go from conversing with doing African solidarity and renaissance in 2010. In 2016 Both Ada's African triumph and the African solidarity for Renaissance has been run with Mali giving the secretariat. The Patron our sibling previous President That Meek gave the most motivating thus all around looked into the keynote address joining the 120 years of Africa's Ada Victory with his incredible vision consolidating Ethiopian ism with Pan-Africanism and the African renaissance.

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