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Latest news on the reshuffle of leaders in Amhara region

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This Yeshiwas is by all accounts a pleasant person, maybe excessively decent. Yelikal is heavyweight puncher in legislative issues, it would be ideal if you cooperate. Discover a method for paying back a portion of the cash and proceed onward, I mean it sounds a great deal of cash however shelled nut contrast with woyane plundering front. We can not help the needy individuals when the political elites are separated battling about everything without exception. Despite the fact that the cash is the reason for contradiction, however I am 100% certain the fundamental difference is our way of life of Ashaferegn my way or the roadway mentality. Would you be able to envision our clerics battle in the heavenly places of worship in London, Atlanta, and so on? Not on the grounds that the issue is crazy, it is Ashaferegn culture. It isn't hard to recuperate the cash if the gathering was held in a cultivated way with Yelikal and the gathering officials before declaring to the individuals, again I am 100% certain it is about Ashaferegn-Gibgib culture. Kinjit pioneers – Shawel went his direction, Birtukan went an alternate way, Birhanu went another way, the inward scramble of Andinet, and so forth, I can make reference to such a large number of precedents. We have to search internally as a general public and nation there is an issue, governments travel every which way, yet we stay in reverse can't concur in chapel.

engineer Yilkal aybalim ! it is exceptionally crude to state that. you can call a therapeutic specialist in his title. you can not say engineer yilkal. you can put his title in armlet in the event that you need. If it's not too much trouble be cultivated!

Mr. yeshewas state what u need to state you can not change the reality. You are TPLF manikin who work to drag out TPLF rule. That is reality. Who put you on power,of course Woyane/TPLF. You executed blue gathering now you are crying crocodile cry. You have to quiet down and leave Eng. Yilikal alone. You are Banda, Hodam.

Presently a days, the Ethiopian individuals will be withdrawn in light of the fact that they don't have solid pioneers who bolster their crowd.

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