The secret about Asaminewu Tsigea


In many time regions, this osculation will occur on a similar day as the June Solstice. The main other time an annular sun powered shroud agrees with the June solstice in this century is on June 21, 2039. 


High Magnitude, Narrow Path, Short Angularity 


The way of this uncommon solstice "ring of fire" overshadow is long—it ranges across two mainlands, Africa and Asia, and 14 nations—however it is additionally thin. At its most stretched out, in West Africa, the way is just around 85 km (53 mi) wide. Here, angularity goes on for around 1 moment and 20 seconds. 


At the area of The Greatest Eclipse, in Uttarakhand, India, close to the fringe of China and Nepal, the size of the shroud is 0.996 and the width of the way is around 21 km (ca. 13 mi). Angularity here goes on for around 38 seconds. 


This overshadowing likewise has the most noteworthy extent (0.99401) at the moment of The Greatest Eclipse among all the annular sunlight based osculations somewhere in the range of 2003 and 2031. The following annular sun based overshadowing with a higher greatness is on September 12, 2034.

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