Takele Umma about the secret on 22 happening


Beginning in the late 1970s Ethiopia suffered from a series of droughts, which progressively lowered agricultural production. A prolonged drought between 1984 and 1986 plunged the country into famine. The embattled northern regions of Ethiopia were the hardest hit by the drought. Under an ill-planned resettlement program, the government forcibly relocated about 600,000 northerners to the south. The protracted civil war and the government's mistrust of Westerners hampered worldwide efforts to provide food and medical aid to the inhabitants of Ethiopia. During the 1980s an estimated 1 million Ethiopians died from starvation as a result of famine.


In the late 1980s Ethiopia lost the support of the Soviet Union, which had become dissatisfied with Ethiopia political and economic development under Dentist. Faced with economic and military shortages, the government was forced to devise a political solution to its problems.

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