Comedian Dereje got warning from officials


Ethiopians who are clear enough about the circumstance in Ethiopia, the issue is troubling. Some dread that the destruction bad dream of that occurred in Rwanda well more than two decades back could occur in Ethiopia as well. Others appear to see an interminable war between various ethnic gatherings. 


Late security challenges in the nation and ethnic-based brutality which prompted inside uprooting of more than 3,000,000 Ethiopians in various pieces of the nation ( and government is currently guaranteeing that 1,000,000 have returned back to their places), implies that the fate of Ethiopia isn't brilliant except if some genuine measures are taken to capture the reason for the political issue and reestablish the social qualities and agreement of Ethiopians. 


Concerned Ethiopians are for sure pondering some solution for it. Seleshi Demissie and Tsegaye Eshetu, striking characters in the Ethiopian Music industry, are intending to dispatch another work. They question : What transpired? What befell Ethiopia? Take a tune in to their meeting with Comedian Dereje Haile on Tibeb Befana appear beneath (Amharic

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