The students who said we deserve a knife


They incorporate structural components motivated by structures from the Aksumite Period. Besides, some, like Bete Maryam, include dazzling interior designs (above), which are additionally cut out of the stone, as well as wall compositions. The insides of the houses of worship mix Aksumite components with later components of Copto-Arabic determination. In Bete Maryam, for instance, the design components —, for example, the cut capitals and window outlines — copy Aksumite models (see underneath), while the artistic creations can measure up to those in the middle age Monastery of St. Antony at the Red Sea.

The custom of slashing holy places out of rock, currently confirmed in the past periods, is here taken to an unheard of level. The houses of worship, a few of which are unattached, like Bete Gyorgis (Church of St. George, picture at top of page), have more intricate and clear cut façades.

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