Protestants funny prophecy


Nobody is an exemplary case of a narcissist of the most noteworthy request than the late TPL Chairman Else Denali and inept adherent than the Former PM Halimariam D. Shockingly, Else was straightforward enough to let them now out in the open; the capability to serve him is ineptitude be that as it may, they joined in any case. 


One minimal narcissistic and darken wrongdoing supervisor joined by unwise infantry change the course of Ethiopian history by making an ethnic Mafia association and an ethnic politically-sanctioned racial segregation express that served him well. Incidentally, the 27 years of age Mafia state based on a spoiled establishment and fear that endured three additional years after his passing and disintegrated in a couple of months by one brilliant man with pen and paper waving solidarity banner to change the course of history the other way.

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