Hachalu Hundesa short video showing him with a gun in his nose


We are persuaded that distinctions on philosophy, the act of vote based system, debasement, nepotism or force battle didn't prompt the division of the authority of the PLF. On the off chance that we accept belief system for instance, it is just a method for revitalizing allies, guarding interests, achieving certain objectives or advocating certain measures. It would some way or another be guileless to accept that any of the gatherings would have a strict faith in any philosophy. Numerous the frameworks who are prepared and adapted to copy like homegrown creatures and not to think autonomously may trust in some philosophy. 


Miles has utilized the Stalinist authoritative structure and centralism just as the security device to cleanse the protester gathering and contain resistance. Visayans in the Diaspora who were generally at difference with their Ethiopian comrades in giving visually impaired help to the PLF Regime are arriving at consistent choices for the inversion of the uncommon estimates taken by Males against the protesters.

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