Breaking News: 209 Million Birr Collected for the Harvest of Four Mosques


It is safe to say that we are another Congo in the make? Solicit the exploited people from inward uprooting, stays of ethnic conflicts and concerned Ethiopians. It's clear Abby is confronting a mounting local weight with his military in disjoint to execute his capacity, will he succeed calling a western armed force come a testing time? Or then again will Trump decide and settle on the Eisenhower choice? Time will tell. For relative newcomer Jamar Mohammed, his exceptionally fruitful online networking effort that caught the creative mind of Oromo youth makes him, in his brain, qualified for a spot at the table—and not as a lesser accomplice. At first observed as a partner of the Prime Minister, Jamar has broken liberated from any ties he may have had and is presently a rival of Abby Ahmed. Pressure between the two Oromo pioneers was so high a while back, Jamar blamed the Prime Minister for endeavoring to kill him when the government police landed at his home in the late evening requesting that his security detail be expelled.

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