5 Chosen singers by Isayas Afewerki


Solidarity Park is based on around 40 hectares on the grounds of the old Grand Imperial Palace (Gobi) which filled in as a seat of intensity in Ethiopia for more than 130 years. The Palace sits on a peak sitting above the city with tall eucalyptus trees stand guard on its external edge. The Park is worked with financing from the administration of the United Arab Emirates and commitments from well-obeyed Ethiopians and cost of more than USD 160 million. No duty dollars are utilized in the venture. 


At the point when I was growing up, the Palace was a position of riddle and fear, a prohibited city nobody could enter or leave without the consent of the old heads or their cutting edge reciprocals. I strolled the external border of the Palace as a child with my companions heading towards Art Kilo constantly dreadful of the puzzling goings-on behind the iron created entryways. I recollect the ceremonial groups getting ready and at times frowning at passers-by who got out of hand.

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