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Shimelis Abdisa At Ireecha 2019


The simply finished ninth different leveled gathering of the starting late renamed Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) has picked nine individuals from its official board, who will in like way be also part of EPRDF’s Executive Committee.

Appropriately, the going with nine individuals are picked as the new ODP EC individuals:

PM Abiy Ahmed, ODP official;

Lemma Megerssa, Oromia zone president and ODP delegate official;

Workneh Gebeyehu, Minister of remote undertakings;

Berhanu Tsegaye, the organization lawyer general;

Adanech Abeebee, head of ODP secretariat;

Addisu Arega, ODP normal alliance, and political division master head;

Shimelis Abdissa, head of Oromia headway association;

Fekadu Tessema, past Oromia correspondence office head and (also once filled in as Oromia exchange master head) and a brief timeframe later OPDO CC part; and Dr. Alemu Sime, Head of Oromia Water, Mines and Energy Bureau.

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