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Press Statement From ADP On Current Affairs


However, Berebeyu has exhibited unbelievable strength. Its occupants have been living in the town for a considerable length of time defeating a wide range of difficulties. Be that as it may, environmental change and land corruption are demonstrating to be more troublesome than anything they have encountered previously. Arable land has turned into a rare asset. Every family unit is qualified for a large portion of a hectare for agrarian purposes, yet request has overwhelmed supply to the degree that even steep inclines are presently being furrowed. The outcome has been a disintegration of ripe soils which, joined with lasting dry seasons, has unfavorably influenced harvest creation.

Eighty-year-old Sheik Yimam Shikuru, who lost his homestead to disintegration says, “Every one of my youngsters left me in light of the fact that my ranch doesn’t deliver anything any longer — they went to search for better chances. It’s getting hot here, and when it rains, the water carries rocks and flotsam and jetsam to my homestead, slaughtering every one of my yields.”

Shikuru has been living in Berebeyu for as long as he can remember and the appearance on his drained face unmistakably demonstrates that he has encountered more promising times. Four of Shikuru’s youngsters moved abroad to search for work, yet so far they have not had the option to verify ordinary work because of their failure to get work allows and can’t support their dad. Presently more established, increasingly helpless and with no other employment openings, Shikuru is completely reliant on his little, rough and corrupted homestead.

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