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Irreecha eve special event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


It is to be looked into that the Oromo people applause thanks permitting day reliably in which they present gratefulness for their producer, God. It is exceptional that Har-sadi Lake, near the town of Bishoftu is the Irrecha social and festivity center where the Oromo people begin from all over Oromia to go to the yearly thanksgiving day. It is a living memory that the TPLF framework has intermittently made undertaking to debilitate the Irrecha festivity event that consistently happen at Har-sadi lake either by use of its security controls under its exchange or through its phantom affiliation, the OPDO. The TPLF minority social occasion has made a relentless endeavor to make the Irrecha festivity ground for its own political stage by dealing with its own one of a kind specialists and different shows that are conflicting with the Irrecha celebration. They have transported their very own people from different regions into the custom spot to have the center stage for get-together deliberate exposure and use for the political messages of their own. On the other hand the TPLF framework has endeavored to its most outrageous capacity to block the roads in order to keep the overall public from setting off to the Har-sadi custom spot. They moreover put consent on vehicles of all corners not move to that course. All these deceptive and horrendous exercises of the TPLF gathering are to accept authority over the Irrecha custom ground for their very own political controls.

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