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Security Issues At Irreecha Celebration


Irreecha (Oromo Thanksgiving) Celebrations, including the Irreecha Peace Run, September 22-October 6, 2019.

The commencement to the occasion celebrations is the Irreecha Peace Run in Addis Ababa. Starting at 0600 and closing around early afternoon on Sunday, September 22. The race is relied upon to draw 50,000 members. The course keeps running from Meskel Square – Mexico Square – Kera – Gotera/Confusion Square – Debrezeit Road – finishing back at Meskel Square. The race courses will be shut to vehicle traffic and drivers ought to foresee all veins driving into or streets running parallel to the course will have substantial vehicular and person on foot clog.

Additionally, know about other planned Irreecha Celebrations in and around Addis Ababa:

· October 4, 2019, Carnival – Addis Ababa

· October 5, 2019, Irreecha celebrated in Addis Ababa at Meskel Square

· October 6, 2019, Irreecha celebrated in Bishoftu (Debre Zeit)

Because of strains in the Oromia district, there are an opportunity shows may happen at the race, which has verifiably been held in Oromia however is occurring without precedent for Addis Ababa.

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