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Irreecha Celebration In Addis Ababa


The Oromia social and the travel industry authority is getting ready to observe Irrecha in Addis Ababa ahead of schedule next October. Leader of the department Girma Hailu said the activity is to restart the irrecha festivity in Finfine as of now known as Addis Ababa city after around 150 years.

A few legislators, notwithstanding, guarantee that the move has to do with pushing the case by the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) on the responsibility for Ababa city, which practically all other ethnic gatherings living in the city restrict.

Irreechaa is the yearly Oromo individuals Thanksgiving Day that is commended each year in Birraa close to the stream bank or water and tree. Irreechaa is commended each year in September in Bishoftu Hora Harsadii and other Oromia significant urban areas.

The spot of the festival has not yet been found however will occur either close to one of the waterways in Addis Ababa or counterfeit lake. “The festival will be held while social estimations of the Irrecha festivity are kept up, Girma said while instructions writers on Wednesday.

Dissimilar to before, Irreecha would be commended by every ethnic gathering in Addis Ababa paying little respect to the distinction in language, religion, culture, and ethnic foundation, the authority head said.

As indicated by the Oromia Cultural and Tourism Bureau, around 3,000,000 individuals from all edges of Addis Ababa and encompassing towns are relied upon to participate in the festival.

“Irrecha festivity has to do with the personality of the Oromo individuals. The festivals are exceptional in that the Finifine Hora festivity has returned again and that adds to the travel industry improvement in the nation, Girma said

In the conventional religion of the Oromos, the soul is the power through which Waaqaa (The Almighty God) administers everywhere throughout the world. In this way, Oromos accept that each formation of Waaqaa has its very own soul.

The resumption of the festival means that the individuals of Oromo and other ethnic gatherings have started practicing their vote based rights and building trust among them and picture of the nation, the department head included.

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