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Ethiopians arrested in Johannesburg, South Africa


Around 600 Ethiopians are captured in Johannesburg, in South Africa, after a conflict between law requirement bodies and outsiders occupied with private company exercises.

DW Amharic administration provided details regarding Thursday that onlookers in the city said that properties of Ethiopian organizations have been plundered and ladies of Ethiopian plunge have been beaten after South African police propelled what it called crusade on “unlawful business” and fake items.

“Recently, police officers from five or six divisions came to GP saying that they have an activity. At that point they began to capture any habesha they see. Regardless of whether you show them habitation grant or transient paper, they state no and take you to jail,” Firku Sakata disclosed to DW Amharic. He additionally affirmed that at any rate 600 Ethiopians are captured.

Another Ethiopian who recognized himself as Kidane Woldeyesus disclosed to DW Amharic that South African police is discriminately capturing Ethiopians.

Kidane affirmed that Ethiopians with lawful migration status in South Africa and with genuine business have been captured. He likewise said that three South African TV stations have announced about the capture of around 600 Ethiopians.

It has been over 24 hours since Ethiopians have been captured and they are captured at John Fosta police headquarters, Fikiru Sakata disclosed to DW Amharic and that they are not permitted to visit the individuals who are captured.

The nation’s police service affirmed that upwards of 1500 police officers are sent for the battle.

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