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10 top Ethiopian Artists who will gonna married in 2011 e.c


Nearby papers revealed before that Mr. Simon has been expelled from his post as the administrator of the Board of Directors of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. He was in that situation for a long time.

He is the second official in seven days to empty his post after the House Speaker, Abadula Gemeda, surrendered to work “to reestablish the nobility and regard for the Oromo individuals and his association.” The previous speaker was not clear with respect to who has disregarded the Oromo individuals and his association in spite of the fact that his allegations inconspicuously indicates the TPLF.

The BBC report said Bereket Simon has presented his abdication to the Prime Minister and the last time he was seen at his office was Thursday.

The report additionally said the authority was not upbeat at his stay with the Policy Research Institute and his exploration and approach suggestions have not been generally welcomed and actualized by the leader and different authorities.

An establishing individual from the EPRDF, Bereket Simon is additionally an individual from the chamber of the Front and a main individual from the Amhara National Democratic Movement.

Bereket Simon is additionally the previous Minister of Information and Minister of Government Communications Affairs.

And afterward there are other people who don’t possess anything, who don’t claim any land yet who simply look and witness what is happening near, however who are peaceful, who are made to end up voiceless, who can’t do anything – like the government employees. Lastly the last one is the rancher. He is the agriculturist who is being plundered, who is being expelled, yet in the event that at all something occurs, as if the nation is at war with neighboring nations or with any foe, these are the general population who are called upon to kick the bucket for this land, a the land for which they don’t have any power on, for the land from which they can be removed whenever. It is the children and girls of these individuals who are heading off to the warfront and pay with their dear lives. In any case, on the ground they don’t have anything. For instance on the off chance that you go around Addis Abeba and investigate somebody who is guarding a building and afterward ask who that man is, he will quickly reveal to you he was conceived and raised there. Furthermore, he will disclose to you that it was his territory on which that tremendous building is assembled. These are fundamentally Oromos coincidentally.

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