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The secret by Melaku Fenta


Be that as it may, on the ground they don’t have anything. For instance on the off chance that you go around Addis Abeba and investigate somebody who is guarding a building and afterward ask who that man is, he will promptly disclose to you he was conceived and raised there. Furthermore, he will disclose to you that it was his territory on which that tremendous building is assembled. These are for the most part Oromos coincidentally.

And afterward there are other people who don’t claim anything, who don’t possess any land yet who simply look and witness what is happening near, yet who are tranquil, who are made to wind up voiceless, who can’t do anything – like the government workers. Lastly the last one is the agriculturist. He is the rancher who is being plundered, who is being removed, however on the off chance that at all something occurs, as if the nation is at war with neighboring nations or with any adversary, these are the general population who are called upon to pass on for this land, a the land for which they don’t have any power on, for the land from which they can be expelled whenever. It is the children and little girls of these individuals who are heading off to the war front and pay with their dear lives