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Eustaz Abubeker motivational speech


Whoever is conceived and brought there they couldn’t care less. So they can expel everyone and they can offer or hand it over to their companions. I call these individuals top notch subjects. What’s more, a significant number of these individuals are who guarantee themselves to have freed us by battling for a long time. In any case, what they didn’t do is free these poor ranchers; in reality in such manner the Dergue improved the situation for me since it took the land from the landowners and appropriated it to the poor agriculturists, to the tillers. Be that as it may, this time it is the other route round.

And after that there are others – provincial authorities like on the off chance that you take the Oromia bureau individuals, or the SNNPR bureau individuals or the Amhara in the event that you like – they can be arranged as peons. They have their capacity to take any land they wish yet there is a power above them. To be perfectly honest this power is the intensity of the TPLF who are the five star subjects. Peons can move and give yet there are others above them who will watch them and who will control them. And afterward there are the lower pecking orders like the districts, for instance, or like the Zonal chairmen. They have likewise a similar power yet above them they realize that there are two additional chains of command and might be some of the time they can be responsible. They realize that whatever is staying from the best two, they will get some sum.