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Educational interview with Yetnebersh Niguse


Consequently, I am happy to be there. I recollect the main day I went to the court before my capture just to perceive how the court was continuing when around 500 or 600 Oromos were detained and afterward taken to the court. I went there as a gathering part to observe and to perceive what was happening near. I felt very severely on the grounds that I saw the examiners arranging false confirmations; they were calling upon individuals and they were giving them introductions to affirm against individuals whom they didn’t know by any means, whom they have never observed. I was dismal and I considered a few media that day and gave a short meeting. I think it was after the airing of that meet that the legislature began tailing me so as to stop what I was doing. Yet, since I was the representative of my gathering that was the activity given to me – to give public interviews or in some cases official statements of what was happening around the gathering and anything identified with the Oromo individuals. Yet, after I went to jail I was assuaged in light of the fact that I needed to encounter the distress of my kin; I needed to share their agony and I am happy about that.