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The response artist Serswit Fikre


Those are individuals like General Tefera and General Asamenew who were taken to Ziway together. We remained together and they are understanding individuals; they like understanding, they like exchanges and I delighted in the discourses. We shared books; we read whatever books we could lay our hands on. That helped me to press through all these terrible times.The first year was a troublesome time and we have not had enough books and we didn’t realize how to sneak books or any magazines or anything to be perused. We have not had any relations with the police; that was a troublesome time until we balanced ourselves to the jail circumstances. In any case, later on we began having a few books to peruse that a few companions brought for us. We began perusing and on a little scale began composition, despite the fact that it was hard to get it out on the grounds that at regular intervals or so the jail police would lead an inquiry and remove whatever is composed; that was its troublesome piece. Be that as it may, after I went to the jail in Ziway I got an opportunity to meet senior individuals from the military and from the aviationbased armed forces who were blamed for arranging an upset