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The untold story about Ali Mohamed Alamoudi


Shockingly the place I was brought up is a run of the mill monolingual zone. Every one of the general population around, all the shop proprietors or all the administration workers and all the school staff talk just a single dialect, Afaan Oromo. It is a unique place I can say even by Oromia gauges. Thusly I didn’t realize whether there was any sort of distinction between one ethnic gathering and the other or if there was any sort of mistreatment somewhere else. In any case, when you attend universities and colleges you will start to acknowledge there are different ethnic gatherings and there are different things you will discover hard to endure. When I went to the enormous towns like Addis Abeba and I talk my very own dialect in a taxi or in a transport people pivot and investigate me; that was the point at which I began to get astonished.