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Heart touching story by Danel Kibret


You realize arrive is the most vital asset in this nation, in this nation as well as all over the place. It is this asset that everyone who comes to control attempts to gain the power of. In the event that you just open your eyes and see what occurs around Addis Abeba, at that point you will perceive how individuals are being removed, and how other individuals who can’t clarify where they understand that measure of cash from are being shot medium-term into so much riches. From my very own experience, I had a lot of companions who were raised with me, who had been instructors with me yesterday however who had a ton of cash today. That is alright on the off chance that it is a lawful one. the reality makes you somewhat cognizant. Anyway, I have not had any terrible experience until I moved on from college and went to Wolega again as a secondary teacher. What’s more, I like talking dialects; I am a friendly individual. I have no issue living with other ethnic gathering individuals. In any case, it is later on that I came to comprehend that there is something incorrectly going on against the ethnic gathering I originated from.