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Bereket Semion in the last 27 years


Tit isn’t terrible. It turns out to be awful when what you need to accomplish is to the detriment of other ethnic gatherings. There ought not be any shrouded motivation that will prohibit the other ethnic gatherings; in any case each gathering, each individual needs his perfectly fine need our own. It is just without anyone else regard that we can keep up harmony and fellowship in this nation. Presently you may inquire as to whether there is harmony in this nation. The way that the firearms are quiet, the way that there is no war going on in the nation doesn’t really imply that it is all things considered serene. We are bearing such a significant number of things that can touch off whenever. So the youthful age must consider its future. This youthful age ought not tune in the event that they hear these old government officials of the 1960s or 1950s who are old teachers and who composed numerous things and examined around yet who don’t add to the quiet conjunction of the general population of this nation. They are gone, their time is gone and their time is going. Be that as it may, the youthful age must consider its own future. What’s more, that future ought to be founded on the possibility that all should regard each other. We should regard each other. The direction of one gathering or one ethnic gathering or one network depends additionally on the direction of the other ethnic gathering. In the event that there is unfairness someplace it will influence equity all over the place. At the point when the Amharas have assaulted the Oromos, the Tigraians, the Sidamas, the Somalis, etc must act. That is the thing that I put stock in.